Config Process > Pass 4 - Major Customization

This Pass is only required if you need to add an Asset or Liability Account that requires a dedicated Journal, beyond the 4 default journals

This page also may contain information related to other major customization needed that is not specified at this time.

During Pass 4, when adding additional Asset/Liability Accounts requiring Journals, you will interact with...

  1. Chart of Accounts

  2. Raw Transaction Worksheets

  3. Asset / Liability Journals

  4. Balance Sheet

  5. Transaction Aggregator

  6. (Loopback) NAV1

  7. Chart of Accounts (again)

  8. Statements

13:00 - A full tutorial on Pass 4. The actual process can be done in 3-5 minutes once you get the hang of it.

Sections Below:

  1. A Visual for Pass 4 > Major Customization

  2. Written Instructions for Pass 4 > Major Customization

1) A Visual For Pass 4 > Major Customization


2) Written Instructions for Pass 4 > Major Customization

bk_configGuide_p4_Major Customization_12p